Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Abs Challenge

I'm an ex college athlete who has always maintained a high level of fitness and intense workout programs. I'm also an athlete who has consistently been a few pounds overweight, and have never seen a six pack.

I've looked nice and solid since I was about sixteen years old. What can I say? I'm built to be strong. I previously set powerlifting records for the squat and deadlift for the open women at 148 lbs and under. I've got the pictures and the stats to prove it too. I've always been square and solid.

Robert, the author of Abs for Athletes and my husband, thinks that I've been hiding a nice physique under a few too many fries and ice cream cones. He may be right, but I really suck at cutting foods out of my diet. Well, here goes:

Robert bet me a cruise that if I followed his Abs for Athletes program, I would get a six pack. I have to follow his exercise and eating plan with 90 percent accuracy to get the cruise though. If I cheat more than 10%, the bet's off and my six pack probably will be too. I have to upload pics of myself and blog my progress along the way.

So, its official. Its Tuesday evening and I'm starting the Abs for Athletes Challenge. I followed the workout and diet instructions outlined in Abs for Athletes to come up with my personalized goals. I have an extreme personality, so I've chosen the intense but shorter FitFast program, however, I may end up doing the hybrid if I can't cut the intensity of the FitFast.

Here's the run down on my stats:
Left Leg 23"
Right Leg 22. 3/4"
Widest part of gut 33"
Smallest part of waist 30"
Hips at widest part (legs together) 39"
Bust 35.5
Weight 140 on home scale

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